dr hab. inż. prof. TUL Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska

Head of Department of Management The Faculty of Organization and Management
Lodz University of Technology

Didactic work


  • Basics of Management
    Frirst cycle: Management
    Frirst cycle: Occupational Safety Engineering 
  • Crisis management
    Second cycle: Management 
  • The Improvement of Manager Skills
    Second cycle: Management
    Specialization: Practice of business management 
  • Development and Growth Strategies of Enterprises
    Second cycle: Management
    Specialization: Analyzes and consultancy in business 
  • Strategy and Prognosing of the Small Firm Activity
    Frirst cycle: Management
    Specialization: Management of small and medium business


  • Microeconomic of the company
  • Market analysis and promotion of small business
  • Theory of organization and management


  • Managing Conflict and Crisis Situations in the Organization
    Post-graduate studies: „Developing the managerial skills and competence to negotiate”, cyclical 
  • Basics of Management
    Post-graduate studies:  „Ergonomics, safety and hygiene at work”, cyclical 
  • Basics of Organization and Management
    Post-graduate studies:  Management Production, cyclical 
  • Modern Management Concepts
    Post-graduate studies:  Accounting and Taxes, cyclical 
  • Managerial Skills and Competences
    Post-graduate studies:  Human Resources management, cyclical 
  • Manager and Its Role in Contemporary Organizations
    Post-graduate studies: "Management in the organization" within the project "Postgraduate technical studies for entrepreneurs and employees"  (2.1.1 PO KL)   
  • Development of Managerial Skills
    Post-graduate studies: "Innovative technologies in management" within the project "Postgraduate technical studies for entrepreneurs and employees" (2.1.1 PO KL) 
  • Restructuring of the Company
    Ordered postgraduate studies: "Management in industry" for managers BOT S.A.